Wild Roses

Victorian Hall Wild Roses These are the gardens in front of Victorian Hall. The roses are now over 6 feet tall and are in full bloom! The fragrance is very strong walking up the sidewalk to the front door. We couldn’t get anything to grow in the front gardens and it always looked like a desert…

The First Telephones in Michigan

Cornelia Chynoweth Hoatson, the wife of Capt. Thomas Hoatson,  was born in a little town called Rockford, Michigan. Her father, Benjamin Chynoweth, made a name for himself in 1879 with four friends and a new invention by Alexander Graham Bell called the telephone. From the Detroit News, September 14th, 1930 “Four Men Laugh Last”.. The…

The History of the Pasty

“When the Cornish came to the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula, they brought with them a lot of mining knowledge which the other ethnic groups did not have. The other ethnic groups looked up to the Cornish and wanted to emulate their mining successes.”

The Story of the Calumet & Arizona Mining Co.

The men who discovered, financed, and developed the Calumet and Arizona mine took part of the earth and everything in it and proved themselves men at all stages of the game. Many of their operations were looked upon as sheer madness by experienced mining men of the district but Captain Hoatson and his associates; Gordon R Campbell, T F Cole, Geo Tener, and a half dozen others possessed the courage of their convictions and once they started to operate the jibes charges and croakings of the skeptics simply spurred them on to greater endeavor.

Curly Birch Ornate Fireplace

Quite possibly my favorite fireplace in Laurium Manor and Victorian Hall combined is this stunning fireplace made out of curly birch. It’s located in the parlor of Victorian Hall. The rose carvings and intricate designs are breathtaking. I often find myself staring at this masterpiece in awe and wonder.How did they carve the wood? Where…

Victorian Hall

Victorian Hall was built in 1906 for Capt. Norman MacDonald. 7,000 sq ft with 6 fireplaces, 34 rooms, and ornate woodwork. Victorian, arts-and-crafts style house.

Parlor Games

Step into the parlor to see the silver-leaf covered domed ceiling, period furnishings including a stunning deep red couch with hand-carved woodwork and gold fringe, built around 1880; and a Victorian pump organ.

Parlor games such as You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile and Similes (this one is actually played in the Christmas classic, The Christmas Carol) were quite popular games to play especially in the long winter months.

The Keweenaw Suite (#10)

Originally this room was the hayloft and grain storage for the horses that were kept below. It is now a 1,000 sq ft suite featuring red cedar floors, marble travertine bathroom walls with a 6″ Whirlpool bath, and more…

Farmer’s Market

Lake Linden Farmer’s Market

Now into its 5th season, the Farmer’s Market continues to grow in size and popularity.

The Keweenaw Peninsula

The Keweenaw Peninsula (/ˈkiːwᵻnɔː/ KEE-wi-naw, sometimes locally /ˈkiːvənɔː/) is the northernmost part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

The Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and Museum should be on your Keweenaw Bucket List. It’s only a 25 minute drive from Laurium Manor Inn.

Copper Harbor Cemetery

Due to the age of the cemetery and the ornate headstones, Copper Harbor Cemetery is a popular place for those interested in tombstone rubbings.