Beautiful Evening..

The pantone colors of 2016 are rose quartz and serenity and they look identical to the colors above Laurium Manor Inn. Aren’t the colors spectacular?!

The Architectural Genius

Charles Maass worked as a draftsman for Calumet & Hecla Mining Co. from 1900-1909 and was also designing houses for private citizens on the side. His clients included Captain Thomas Hoatson Jr. (Laurium Manor Inn, 1908) and Norman Macdonald (Victorian Hall,1906).

Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt’s Campaign Stop in Laurium Stays Overnight in Thomas Hoatson’s Home When President Teddy Roosevelt was campaigning in October of 1912 (he had started the Progressive Party or “Bull Moose” campaign due to dissatisfaction with Pres. Taft and a desire to re-enter politics again ), he stayed with Capt. and Mrs. Hoatson. He gave…

The Historic Hotel Experience

Historic hotels give you the opportunity to stay where history was written. Every  experience is unique because no two people share the same emotional connections with the past. You are enveloped by extraordinary architecture, period art work and furnishings, and are immersed in the same physical space that past U.S. Presidents, business tycoons, and other distinguished individuals occupied. It isn’t only the historic hotel’s property…

The Original Gate Posts

When the Hoatson’s built their mansion in 1908 it had it had decorative iron gates and posts at the front driveway and the also the back entrance to the alley. At some point , probably the 1950’s) they were removed.

Exterior Paint Color Scheme

In 2007, we purchased a gem of a fixer-upper located at 320 Iroquois Street (only 2 blocks from Laurium Manor Inn). It’s still very much a work in-progress but the exterior painting has been completed with the exception of the back of the house. We painted it in nearly an identical color scheme as the original Manor colors.