Exterior Paint Color Scheme


Did you know Laurium Manor Inn’s original exterior paint color scheme wasn’t white? Nope. It was a rich olive green with black window sashes and ivory trim. The darker colors, which were quite popular at the time, really gave the house depth and created quite the impact.

The Campbell House


In 2007, we purchased a gem of a fixer-upper located at 320 Iroquois Street (only 2 blocks from Laurium Manor Inn). It’s still very much a work in-progress but the exterior painting has been completed with the exception of the back of the house. We painted it in nearly an identical color scheme as the original Manor colors.

The Campbell House was built in 1902 by local architect Carl E. Nystrom for Gordon R. Campbell for a cost of $4500. Campbell was a prominent attorney who worked for the Calumet & Arizona Mining Co. with Captain Thomas Hoatson.

In 1921, Campbell was chosen to be the President of the C&A Mining Co. He built the beautiful large brick home across the street and moved his family to their spacious new home.

For more info/updates on the Campbell House, click here.



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