The Original Gate Posts

Original Gate Posts are Back at Laurium Manor

When the Hoatson’s built their mansion in 1908 it had it had decorative iron gates and posts at the front driveway and the also the back entrance to the alley. At some point , probably the 1950’s) they were removed. The front gate and posts were removed when the second owner moved the front sandstone wall back toward the mansion to expand the the front driveway. This can be seen in the fifth photo where the concrete is a different color. Probably at the same time the back gates were removed. It had two gates in he back. One was for carriages and the other was a small one for people to walk through.

In 1989 when we bought the Manor we found one of the original posts in the hayloft of the carriage house. We saw that it was part of the broken base that was still next to the back sandstone wall. At the time we noticed that there was an identical post in the yard of our neighbor across the street. Our neighbor at the time was Mr Schreiber and he had worked for the second owners taking care of the mansion. I think one of the projects was the front sandstone wall move and he moved the post with the concrete that it was embedded in across the street to his home.


This weekend I asked our neighbors about the post and they decided that they could part with it. We could not put them back where they were originally so I installed them on both sides of our driveway to our parking lot. Thank you Jan and Paul Jurmu for letting me bring the post back home! The bricks in the parking lot driveway are from Calumet’s 5th St. rebricking project that I have reused in many projects around our properties.


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