The Historic Hotel Experience

Historic hotels give you the opportunity to stay where history was written. Every  experience is unique because no two people share the same emotional connections with the past. You are enveloped by extraordinary architecture, period art work and furnishings, and are immersed in the same physical space that past U.S. Presidents, business tycoons, and other distinguished individuals occupied.

It isn’t only the historic hotel’s property that creates an impact. Being acknowledged as an individual and having an authentic relationship with the staff is equally as important as the authentic feeling being inspired by the historic property.

By staying at a historic hotel you are becoming a part of its rich history. Unplug and escape from the fast-paced world by booking your next getaway with us. Enjoy the beauty of the Keweenaw while relaxing at one of our two Edwardian-era mansions: Experience the opulence and grandeur of the Laurium Manor Inn, with 45 rooms and 13,000 square feet for you to explore or the breathtaking 7,000 square foot sandstone and brick mansion, Victorian Hall.






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