The Architectural Genius

Charles Maass worked as a draftsman for Calumet & Hecla Mining Co. from 1900-1909 and was also designing houses for private citizens on the side. His clients included Captain Thomas Hoatson Jr. (Laurium Manor Inn, 1908) and Norman Macdonald (Victorian Hall,1906).

Charles designed other buildings in the Upper Midwest with his brother Fred Maass. Those buildings include the Masonic Building (Hancock), Marinette County Courthouse, Lanse Township School Gymnasium, schools in South Range and Dodgeville, and many others.

The house at 243 Tamarack Street was purchased by Charles in 1905. The house was constructed in 1898 and was originally 800 sq. ft. Charles remodeled and enlarged the home to 2500 sq ft. We believe he used this house as showroom to walk the “new money” mine owners through.

Today, 243 Tamarack Street is one of our vacation house rentals, the Keweenaw House. It’s 3 large bedrooms with 2 1/2 bath. Maple floors, dining room, kitchen (complete with utensils and cookware), parlor, and a screened-in porch on the 2nd floor which is a popular spot for our younger guests to ‘camp out’ on those warm summer nights.

Our vacation properties are booked quite a ways in advance so if you are thinking about an upcoming stay, please inquire on availability. For more info on the Keweenaw House see here:



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