Elephant Hide Wallpaper

At the turn-of-the-century as Queen Victoria’s reign ended with her death in 1901 and King Edward VII took over the monarchy. The Edwardian-era (“Gilded Age”) began. In Europe it was slightly different than in the United States. In Europe, lighter paint schemes and cleaner aesthetics were rapidly growing in popularity–more pastels, wicker furniture, etc.

Americans were basking in new-found wealth and enjoying the fruits of advancements in industry/technology. They still tended to gravitate towards the Victorian darker colors and exotic décor.

In America the Gilded Age was characterized by exotic opulence and what could be more exotic than having actual gilded and embossed elephant leather wall coverings. In the dining room of Laurium Manor Inn the wall covering is actual gilded elephant hide leather. The dining room chairs were also covered in elephant leather. The elephant hide wall paper is a prime example of the period’s extravagance.

We still have a couple of the embossed seat covers at the manor that we received from the people we bought the original table and chairs from. We will post a picture of them in the future.


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