Fall in the Keweenaw..

It’s a little too cool for swimming and there’s not any snow for skiing or snowmobiling so what can you do up here in the Keweenaw during the fall? Great question! Let’s take a look at a few things there are to do up here during fall: Take a drive up to Copper Harbor. It’s…

The Art of House Moving

Houses On the Move! Why tear down a 100 year old house when you can move it? As you might imagine, moving a house is no easy feat. It involves meticulous planning and man power. After removing or securing everything inside the house, the house has to be disconnected from utilities like electricity and water….

The Eagle’s Nest

This majestic bald eagle was captured by aspiring photographer, 11 year old, Nadja. She is the daughter of Dr. Kemmy Taylor and Dr. Mischa Doman of Baraga County. He is enjoying the sights from his perch on the shore of Lake Superior. The natural beauty up here is unparalleled to anything else….Come up for a…

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Laurium Manor Inn! We will be closed the month of November but will re-open for business December 1st! We look forward to seeing you this winter!

Who Brought Halloween to Michigan?

A few years ago historian Bill Loomis did an interview with Detroit News in which he discussed how Halloween came to be celebrated in Michigan—who brought it here? What did they do to celebrate Halloween? Halloween came to Michigan in the 1840s when a large population of Scottish and Irish immigrants came over. It of…

Good Morning, Keweenaw!

This stunning photograph was taken by Justin Marier of South Range, Michigan while on his way to work…. Has the Portage Canal ever look more beautiful?!

Portage Canal

In 1865, the U.S. government awarded 200,000 acres of land to the Portage Lake and Lake Superior Ship Canal Company to build a canal. (The U.S. government gave more acreage to the project that totaled around 450,000 acres upon the project’s completion.) It was a project that would take over 9 years to complete. The canal was created with the intention of connecting the Keweenaw Bay through Portage Lake with Lake Superior. This would save ships a tremendous amount of time and money!

Introducing the Portage Canal: In 1874 the canal was finished! It was 2 miles long, 100 feet in width, and 14 feet deep. (In 1935, it was widened to 500 feet in width.)

Elephant Hide Wallpaper

At the turn-of-the-century as Queen Victoria’s reign ended with her death in 1901 and King Edward VII took over the monarchy. The Edwardian-era (“Gilded Age”) began. In Europe it was slightly different than in the United States. In Europe, lighter paint schemes and cleaner aesthetics were rapidly growing in popularity–more pastels, wicker furniture, etc. Americans…

Beautiful Evening..

The pantone colors of 2016 are rose quartz and serenity and they look identical to the colors above Laurium Manor Inn. Aren’t the colors spectacular?!

The Architectural Genius

Charles Maass worked as a draftsman for Calumet & Hecla Mining Co. from 1900-1909 and was also designing houses for private citizens on the side. His clients included Captain Thomas Hoatson Jr. (Laurium Manor Inn, 1908) and Norman Macdonald (Victorian Hall,1906).

Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt’s Campaign Stop in Laurium Stays Overnight in Thomas Hoatson’s Home When President Teddy Roosevelt was campaigning in October of 1912 (he had started the Progressive Party or “Bull Moose” campaign due to dissatisfaction with Pres. Taft and a desire to re-enter politics again ), he stayed with Capt. and Mrs. Hoatson. He gave…

The Historic Hotel Experience

Historic hotels give you the opportunity to stay where history was written. Every  experience is unique because no two people share the same emotional connections with the past. You are enveloped by extraordinary architecture, period art work and furnishings, and are immersed in the same physical space that past U.S. Presidents, business tycoons, and other distinguished individuals occupied. It isn’t only the historic hotel’s property…